My journey to becoming smoke free

It’s Here!

I spent a good part of the morning hitting the refresh button on the FedEx tracking website. Finally just before noon the notification switched to “Delivered”. That’s when I headed out to lunch.I ran home, opened that package, and found everything I expected: Two batteries (1 automatic, one manual), 10 cartomizers (5 menthol, 5 congress), USB charger, wall charger, instructions.

From reading the information on the website and in the forums I knew that the batteries are shipped with about a 50% charge. They need to be charged for a few hours before use, so naturally I popped the covers off a cartridge, screwed it on to a battery, and gave it a try.

The first carto I used was the Congress. I gave it to Cindy to try, hoping it would mimic her regular brand. I wasn’t sure how much she would like it, or how willing she would be to use it. The short version – she wouldn’t let me take “her cigarette” with me to work.

I hooked a menthol carto up to the other (manual) battery and vapped away on the way back to work. Once I got there I did hook the battery up to the charger and gave it a good three hours charge. It was a very unusual feeling to be sitting and “smoking” at my desk.

There are a few things I’ve found myself doing that are different from smoking analogues. I find myself puffing more, but slower. In other words, I take more draws on the eCig, but they are spaced much further apart. With the analogues there was always the idea of getting as much as possible from each cigarette, so there wasn’t a lot of sitting around. With the eCigs I can wait a minute, or many minutes, between drags. It’s not like it’s going to go out. [Side note: I hated what they did to regular cigarettes that would cause them to go out if they sat too long.] At this early stage I’m really analyzing every puff. I’m sure that will go away over time.

The verdict, so far, is that I like it. I haven’t had an analogue since around 12:15pm 2/22/12. There’s a marker. Let’s see how far I can take this.

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