My journey to becoming smoke free

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Day Three

Well I am into day three, getting close to 72 hours since my last analog. The short version is that I am very pleased with the results so far. I haven’t felt any desire to smoke a regular, analog cigarette the whole time. Now three days isn’t a long time, I realize that. Still, I am amazed at how well vaping on my V2 makes my cravings go away. There are a few things that seem to make this true. I’m sure the nicotine plays a part, but the action of having something to hold and draw on plays a big role as well. You sure don’t get that from a pill or patch.

There are some big differences, too. My vaping patterns (for lack of a better word) are different from my smoking patterns. I’m still finding that I am vaping more often, but with bigger gaps between puffs. With an analog I would smoke one cigarette in about 8-15 puffs over ten minutes or less. With my e-cig I take a draw or two and then a several minute break.

For the most part I’ve been using the manual battery. If you’re not familiar with e-cig batteries there are two main types, manual and automatic. With the automatic you just draw like you would with an analog. With the manual you push a button on the battery part prior to your draw. I like them both, but the reason I’m using the manual the most is that Cindy has laid claim to the automatic!

There is a great post on the V2 Blog that describes some of the Symptoms you may experience when you start using electronic cigarettes

When you begin using electronic cigarettes as a tobacco alternative, it’s common to experience symptoms as your body reacts, adapts to the changes and rids itself of the chemicals present in tobacco smoke. Some symptoms will come and go over a period of a few days. Most are gone within a few weeks and everyone’s experience is different.

I highly recommend that article to anyone who is quitting.

I am waiting on some of the Limited Edition carts I ordered from the V2 forums. I ordered a five pack of Vanilla Mint (24 mg) and Benson and Hedges (5 mg) for Cindy. They should be here today or Monday. They’re coming by USPS, but for some reason the route goes from Miami through Montgomery Alabama before it gets back to me in Central Florida. Why? I have no idea. I just hope they get here soon so I can try my new flavor. Soon I’m going to try re-filling my own carts. One thing that has surprised me is that vaping is as much hobby as it is a smoking alternative.

There is one humorous down side: My “let me finish my cigarette” excuse is gone.

Finally, let me tell you about some mistakes that can be made. I’ve heard several people describe starting to light their e-cig. Heh. One that I’ve done while riding in the car or sitting on the computer is put the wrong end in my mouth. That will really make you glad it wasn’t an analog! One big no-no: When you’re done don’t flip it out the window.

Well, that’s about it for day three. I’d really like to hear from you. Comments are open.