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National Vaping Day – USA

Thursday, March 22nd, is World Vaping Day. Vapers from around the world will be celebrating and showcasing this smoking alternative. In the US the event is being promoted by CASAA. Here is part of the National Vaping Day — USA story from the World Vaping Day website:

Electronic cigarettes are a completely different approach to addressing the concerns about the cost and health effects of smoking. Until now, the focus on quitting smoking has been on ending nicotine dependence, yet billions spent on nicotine cessation products has resulted in very low quit rates. Nicotine gums, lozenges and patches that require eventual abstinence; and pills that attempt to make smoking unpleasant for the smoker completely ignore the social and behavioral aspects many smokers enjoy and do not wish to give up. It is a myth that most smokers “want to quit.” In truth, most smokers simply realize that they probably should quit. Therefore, not only do those products fail to help 93% of the time – even for smokers who actually do want to end nicotine dependence – they are completely ignored by the millions of smokers who enjoy smoking for reasons beyond nicotine use. Electronic cigarette use – or “vaping” – addresses smokers’ needs on multiple levels, rather than simply focusing on the nicotine.


Take the opportunity to participate in the National Vaping Day 2012. If you are a smoker and haven’t tried e-cigarettes yet, there are inexpensive disposable brands, which are available online or even at your local Walgreens – now is the time to give one a try! If you are already an e-cigarette user, this is a great day to talk about how you made the switch to friends and family who are smokers. Post about it on your social networks. Show a co-working smoker at work your e-cigarette or even a a stranger standing outside in the cold. National Vaping Day is the day to let the world know that you are a vaper!

I encourage you to visit the World Vaping Day website and take a look at the resources they have to spread the word about vaping. They have a PDF for health professionals, drop cards (pictured below) that you can print from there or here to hand out to the curious, and many other ideas.

What ideas can you add for Vaping Day? The comments are open.