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The 1st My Vapor Life Poll

The very first My Vapor Life poll is up and ready for your vote. It’s a simple question: How Long Have You Been Vaping?

I hope to add a new poll every week or two. If you have a question (Vaping / e-cig related, of course) leave a comment here or send it to vaporlife [at] brightandearlyblog [dot] com. Your comments on this question are welcome here, too.

The poll is over in the right sidebar, just below the V2 banner. Vote!

It’s Shipped!

V2 Standard Starter Kit

I know, I’m being a little bit over the top on this, but I am very excited. I checked the V2 website this morning and my order status has changed to “Shipped”. You may not get it, but that is very exciting news to me. According to my soon to be most visited site FedEx, it should arrive by Wednesday afternoon. While I’m waiting I am spending a lot of time hanging out on the V2 forums. The posters there… Continue reading »